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From An Aerial View

Inspired by 4 pioneers of aerial dance (my master teachers), this show takes an historical look at the movers and shakers in the aerial dance world as well as the next generation.  

My Grandfather's Hands

Inspired by my grandfather and great-grandfather and their work in the granite industry in Barre, VT.

Below The Above

Inspired by marine biologist, Sylvia Earl and the strength & power of women. 

Dear Terry.....
Sincerely, Jayne & Nancy

Inspired by the love for our mother of aerial dance, Terry Sendgraff .

Shelter Of The Fates


Inspired by architechural design and combining silks with lyra.

Breath & Air

A collaboration with visual effects artist, Lynn Tomlinson, this work was inspired by the elements of Water, Air, Fire and Earth.


Towson University, 2018
Short film by TU students, John Harris, inspired by water and air.

Grounded Flights
Towson University Dance Company. 
Exploring aerial movements on the ground using flight and human apparatus.

Contact & Flow Workshop
Bacalar, Mexico, 2018


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